Consumer Information Notice

The following consumer protection information is being provided as a courtesy to home buyers, home sellers and any other consumers and taxpayers who are impacted by Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) and the Texas Association of Realtors®.  The Texas Association of Realtors® is a real estate agent trade organization that engages in influence peddling with the state legislature and TREC.

TREC is now a self-funded, self-directed, quasi-governmental state agency that is embedded with and, operated by, members of the Texas Association of Realtors® What has been created is a governmental agency that has combined the legislative, judicial and executive branches into a single entity.

The Texas Association of Realtors® decides what Rules need to be passed, TREC passes those Rules, and Consumers are duped into believing that TREC exists to protect the Consumer. TREC operations/overhead/staffing are all funded by the license fees, education surcharges, and fines collected by TREC from its licensees. TREC Licensees’ (Agents and Inspectors) are now directly paying for salaries and pay-raises/bonuses of TREC staff.  These costs are passed on to the Consumers.

TREC has engaged in a campaign to alert Consumers that there is a complaint process available to Consumers that can result in Fines levied on the Agent or Inspector. Unfortunately, any fines levied on Agents and Inspectors ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT BENEFIT CONSUMERS.  ALL FINES LEVIED GO DIRECTLY TO TREC.  TREC DOES NOT DISTRIBUTE ANY FINES or PORTIONS of the FINES to Consumers.  TREC KEEPS ALL OF THESE FINES/MONIES.

If you have an issue or disagreement with an Agent or Inspector, you are encouraged to contact that person to attempt a favorable resolution.

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