Adams Home Inspection co
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San Antonio, Tx
lic # 3813, 12101, 41869

Inspector Info

Jeff Adams has been inspecting homes & commercial buildings for 30 + yrs, he has a strong Electrical background & experience in the Electrical field, as well in the HVAC Industry, Plumbing Industry. He has been in the Commercial Steel Fabrication business for over 18 yrs and has worked on large scale commercial buildings through out the city of San Antonio and surrounding areas, as well as residential/home building across South Central Texas. Jeff Adams is a licensed Home Inspector #3813 & a licensed Certified Pest Control Applicator # 41869 pt, and holds several certification and licenses for Septic’s and Water Wells. Mr Adams has taught construction and inspection related classes and is employed by San Antonio College (S.A.C.) He has also built custom homes and has worked as a consultant and expert for other custom home builders in South Central Texas. With 2-3 yrs experience as an construction Arbitrator and Mediator for construction defects Mr Adams has been court certified as an expert witness in construction defect litigation.

Inspector Training

Jeff Adams has completed all inspection training & schooling through San Antonio College & the Texas A&M Agricultural Extension. Mr Adams went through his apprenticeship through Hal Robertson with Sergeants Home & Termite Inspections & worked directly under a experienced inspector before going out on his own, this insures a properly trained inspector who can recognize many potential problems. Yearly schooling/continuing education is done through the National Waste Water Transporters (NAWT), Texas Association of Real Estate Inspector’s (TAREI), Texas A&M Agricultural Extension, San Antonio Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors (SATAREI) & the Structural Pest Control Board this usually consists of approximately 30-40 hrs a year and has completed about 600 hours of educational courses through the years.

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